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Go Fish Math Game

Math: 4.NBT.B.4 ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION Reel in addition and subtraction practice with this two-player variation of Go Fish! The object of the game is to create a larger numeral than your opponent by taking digits from him. Begin by having … Continue reading

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I’m Done… Now What?

CHECK THE CAN To prepare, decorate a clean, empty Pringles potato chip can as shown. Copy the potato chip patterns on yellow paper. Then cut out the potato chips and place them in the can. When a student finishes his … Continue reading

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Reading: Building Fluency

BUILDING FLUENCY Increase expression in students’ reading with this small-group activity! In advance, make a set of face cards, as shown, for each team of four students. Begin by reviewing with students how expression improves fluency. Give each team a … Continue reading

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Pencils in America

“If the global supply chain ever encountered a shortage of #2 pencils, the American Education System might collapse.” – Daniel Pink, author of  A Whole New Mind

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Federal Reform Initiatives

Gerald Terozzi makes some rather interesting comments in his recent book, “Stop the School Bus: Getting Education Reform Back on Track. In chapter 13 he mentions the 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, … Continue reading

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CCSS Reading Lexile Expectations

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Layers of the Sun: Science

  LAYERS OF THE SUN Review the different layers of the sun by providing each child with two paper plates. On one plate, the student draws two concentric circles to represent the three inner layers of the sun: core, radiation … Continue reading

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