Literature Skill: Retelling

retelling hutA HAPPENING HUT

Skill: retelling story events in sequence

Retelling skills take shape during this project. After a child reads a fiction story, have him list its six main events on a sheet of paper. Then have him follow the directions below to make a three-dimensional hut to display information about the story.

Materials for each student:

  • 6″ x 18″ white construction paper strip
  • 9″ construction paper circle
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • tape


  1. Fold the paper strip into six equal sections and number the sections from 1 to 6. Write about and illustrate one event in each section, ordering the events from beginning to end.
  2. To create the walls, tape the ends of the strip together so the words and illustrations face outward.
  3. To create the roof, draw a point in the center of the circle. Draw a straight line from the point to the outer edge and then cut along the line. Write the book’s title on the outer edge of the circle. Overlap and tape the two cut edges to form a cone.
  4. Put the roof on the walls.

About Lucy Salerno

I have been a resident of Fairfield for over 25 years and have 30 years’ teaching experience in California K – 6 schools. I have been a music teacher, band and choral director, elementary teacher in grades K – 6, a district level technology coordinator teaching, and an elementary school administrator. In 2011, my most recent school, Scandia Elementary, on Travis Air Force Base, was awarded the California Distinguished School Award for work and programs implemented under my watch. Because of my broad educational background, I know and understand what is needed in today's difficult educational environment. I have taught writing to children in numerous grades as a core subject as well as integrating writing into other curricula areas. I retired a few years ago from the Travis Unified School District, I love working with children, and am now dedicating my services and skills in support of your children. Through love and patience, I hope to understand a child's needs, meet them where they are, build self-confidence and develop a life-long love of learning.
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