Close Reading with ReadWorks

Dear Teachers,

Have you taught close reading with ReadWorks research-based Comprehension Units for Kindergarten through 5th grade?

K – 5th Grade Comprehension Units

  • Are based on carefully selected books that will build background knowledge and vocabulary as well as instill a love of reading
  • Facilitate close reading, precise questioning based on evidence in the text and focused discussion
  • Include read-aloud lessons and paired text questions
  • Come with graphic organizers, student worksheets, and authentic paired texts
  • Are based on the highest quality research and align to Common Core & state standards

Share them with your students, share them with your colleagues, and please share your feedback with us—we would love to hear what you think.


About Lucy Salerno

I have been a resident of Fairfield for over 25 years and have 30 years’ teaching experience in California K – 6 schools. I have been a music teacher, band and choral director, elementary teacher in grades K – 6, a district level technology coordinator teaching, and an elementary school administrator. In 2011, my most recent school, Scandia Elementary, on Travis Air Force Base, was awarded the California Distinguished School Award for work and programs implemented under my watch. Because of my broad educational background, I know and understand what is needed in today's difficult educational environment. I have taught writing to children in numerous grades as a core subject as well as integrating writing into other curricula areas. I retired a few years ago from the Travis Unified School District, I love working with children, and am now dedicating my services and skills in support of your children. Through love and patience, I hope to understand a child's needs, meet them where they are, build self-confidence and develop a life-long love of learning.
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