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Periodic Table Game

Print-and-Use Periodic Chart IT’S “ELEMENT-ARY,” WATSON! “What does chemistry have to do with my life anyway?” Have students answer that question for themselves by completing this unique project. After teaching about elements and the periodic table, give each child a … Continue reading

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Persuasive Writing and Reading

BOOK REPORT, PERSUASIVE WRITING Use this activity as a fun twist to writing book reports! After students read a book, have them pretend they are the author trying to get the book published. Instruct each student to write a letter … Continue reading

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In Support of Home School Parent Teachers

By definition, a teacher is one who can impart information in a way that others can understand it.  It means to show or explain how to do something.  So, a question just begs to be asked….  If those you are … Continue reading

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Educational Quotes


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A Fun Way to Review Vocabulary

For this interactive review, post a list of ten or more vocabulary terms from a current unit of study. On separate sheets of paper, write each term’s definition in the form of a Jeopardy! game show clue. Then post the … Continue reading

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Literature Main Idea and Supporting Details

GOT THE POINT? Skills: main idea and supporting details Students are sure to get the point of a nonfiction reading when they follow it up with this skill sheet. From:  The Mailbox  Literature Links

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