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Clip it! Genres in Reading

Print-and-Use Reading Tool CLIP IT! To help students recognize the distinguishing features of genres, give each child a colorful copy of the provided page. Have him cut out the genre features and glue each one next to the correct genre. … Continue reading

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Problem Solving

HANDY SOLUTIONS Skills: problem and solution   Label each of a few hand cutouts with a different everyday problem such as “I forgot my lunch,” “I can’t find my eraser,” and “My desk wobbles.” Then, for each hand cutout, cut … Continue reading

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Novel ABC’s

Skills: key ideas and details These alphabet books are perfect for literature circles! To begin, have each small group cut 13 sheets of paper in half and label each page with a different letter pair. The students identify a detail … Continue reading

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Author’s Style, Mood and Theme

Remind students to pay attention to authors’ clues. Copy thebookmark for each student. Before reading, have the child list the title and author of a current reading selection. Then, as she reads, guide her to list the words, phrases, and … Continue reading

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Writing 5 Paragraph Narratives

Writing: W.4.3; W.5.3 To help students organize a five-paragraph narrative, have each student trace and cut out six hand shapes. Next, have the child staple the shapes together to make a booklet, labeling the top cutout with the assignment’s topic … Continue reading

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Persuasive Writing and Reading

BOOK REPORT, PERSUASIVE WRITING Use this activity as a fun twist to writing book reports! After students read a book, have them pretend they are the author trying to get the book published. Instruct each student to write a letter … Continue reading

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Literature Main Idea and Supporting Details

GOT THE POINT? Skills: main idea and supporting details Students are sure to get the point of a nonfiction reading when they follow it up with this skill sheet. From:  The Mailbox  Literature Links

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