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Author’s Style, Mood and Theme

Remind students to pay attention to authors’ clues. Copy thebookmark for each student. Before reading, have the child list the title and author of a current reading selection. Then, as she reads, guide her to list the words, phrases, and … Continue reading

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Persuasive Writing and Reading

BOOK REPORT, PERSUASIVE WRITING Use this activity as a fun twist to writing book reports! After students read a book, have them pretend they are the author trying to get the book published. Instruct each student to write a letter … Continue reading

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A Fun Way to Review Vocabulary

For this interactive review, post a list of ten or more vocabulary terms from a current unit of study. On separate sheets of paper, write each term’s definition in the form of a Jeopardy! game show clue. Then post the … Continue reading

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Literature Main Idea and Supporting Details

GOT THE POINT? Skills: main idea and supporting details Students are sure to get the point of a nonfiction reading when they follow it up with this skill sheet. From:  The Mailbox  Literature Links

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What are the most challenging Common Core Standards?

The most challenging Common Core Standards in Reading… Reading In Reading, students struggle with informational vs. literary text as well as increasingly complex texts. The most challenging standards are those that require synthesis skills, including those related to: Determining central ideas … Continue reading

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More CCSS Informational Reading

Informational Reading and Student Engagement According to the CCSS, 45% of all reading should be informational.  Wow.  I realize that we read for information when reading social studies, science, technology, the arts, psychology, etc. but it also seems that most … Continue reading

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CCSS Informational Reading

Informational Reading Reading for information is of paramount importance to your success as an informed decision in society.  Children need to learn how to read for information – not just for entertainment.  Several skills are important and must be taught … Continue reading

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