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A Poetic Reaction

A POETIC REACTION Skills: literary response Looking for a unique yet simple book report idea? Try these acrostic reports! Have each student list the title of her book vertically and then write a sentence about the book that begins with … Continue reading

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Author’s Style, Mood and Theme

Remind students to pay attention to authors’ clues. Copy thebookmark for each student. Before reading, have the child list the title and author of a current reading selection. Then, as she reads, guide her to list the words, phrases, and … Continue reading

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Writing 5 Paragraph Narratives

Writing: W.4.3; W.5.3 To help students organize a five-paragraph narrative, have each student trace and cut out six hand shapes. Next, have the child staple the shapes together to make a booklet, labeling the top cutout with the assignment’s topic … Continue reading

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Persuasive Writing and Reading

BOOK REPORT, PERSUASIVE WRITING Use this activity as a fun twist to writing book reports! After students read a book, have them pretend they are the author trying to get the book published. Instruct each student to write a letter … Continue reading

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Narrative Writing: Tall Tales

Challenge your students to stretch their imaginations by planning an unbelievable summer vacation. Give each child a copy of a grid like the one shown and have her select items by drawing an X in any five of the grid’s … Continue reading

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Revising for Sentence Variety

Writing: W.4.5; W.5.5 REVISING FOR SENTENCE VARIETY Give students practice writing different kinds of sentences with this flipbook. First, guide each child to stack two sheets of paper so the bottom edges are an inch apart. Next, have him fold … Continue reading

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Print and Use Writing Charts

FOR STUPENDOUS WRITING Use this catchy checklist to remind your young authors of what it means to revise. Simply copy and cut apart a supply of the cards to keep at your writing center. When a student finishes his first … Continue reading

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